The Vision of the Good

This second volume continues the story of Christina's development - again from the point of view of her mother Bernadette: the end of her school days, the revelation of her life plan and the brilliant beginning of her public life.

Further topics of volume 2 are:

The universal rules of life; treading the individual soul's path and unfolding personal potential; the support of our spiritual companions; practical tips for individual and collective frequency increase; the silent revolution of unconditional love; the importance of grounding for the people of the new age; the necessary connection between lateral thinking and spirituality; holistic science and positive technology; four ways of aligning consciousness; the five-dimensional future of terrestrial humanity and the approaching golden age.
Christina is an 19-year-old young woman from Toggenburg in Switzerland. She was born with a greatly expanded consciousness and thus belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers who recognize, describe and live human existence as a complexity of quantum physics, neuropsychology and spirituality. She has always shown a remarkable insight into today's world affairs and amazes with her high ethics as well as with a wisdom and inner peace that allow us to sense a new dimension of being human.


„The divine spirit is the origin of all being. It is this consciousness that forms and materializes light energy. Simplified one could say that this wonderful earth originally came into being from a very creative thought.“

„With artificial intelligence, humans create, so to speak, independent living beings that are even more uncontrollable than themselves.“

„Actually, the entire universe is all about frequencies. For every so-called problem there is a solution, and the solution is always an increase in frequency. Because the solution of a problem can never be found on the same frequency level on which the problem was created. People often think that this is too easy. But it is. It is indeed so simple: It is always and everywhere all about frequencies, and all problems can be solved by increasing the frequency. People think that if something is true, it must be complicated, long and expensive. But that is not true. The true is always simple.“

„It is not that the light and the unlight swing each other up. Unconditional love has a very high frequency and the Unlight cannot stand that frequency. We can develop the maturity to love unconditionally something that does not love us. By doing this we give the Unlight the opportunity to transform itself. Only then, when we meet the Unlight with dark thoughts as well, do we rock it up.“

„Acceptance is the basis of every change.“

„In our innermost core of being we are all equal. No one is further than the other, no light is brighter than the other, and no life task is more important than another. We are all divine beings who have an experience as human beings here, and not people who become divine beings.“

„Fears are always an expression of a lack of trust.“

„The universe represents the true reality, and it always functions perfectly without causing harm. People today live with technologies and systems that were created in minds with different ways of thinking. So at some point such constructs reach their limits and are no longer capable of development. Because they do not harmonize with the true reality and its self-regulating intelligence.“


  • A new world view
  • New cell structures and DNA strands
  • A quantum leap for mankind
  • A brief history of the people of the new era
  • Christina's incarnations
  • Bright-Knowledge (Akashic Chronicle)
  • Space-time structures
  • Individual and collective frequency increase
  • The silent revolution of unconditional love
  • Crystal consciousness and Christ consciousness
  • Why me?
  • How mind and soul are created
  • Incarnation and reincarnation
  • Our energy system (Chakras)
  • Insights into the universe
  • Creation and evolution of man
  • Cosmic Life
  • The Galactic Federation of Light (GFdL)
  • Encounters with Mary and with Jesus
  • Memories of Atlantis
  • Thule, Inner Earth, and other «myths»
  • Collective vibration increase
  • The Holy Mary as companion
  • Cybernetics, technology and artificial intelligence
  • Golden Age
  • The five-dimensional future
  • Premonitions and everyday normality
  • Another audit
  • Signs of the increasing energy for peace
  • Sphere-Beings
  • The mirror of our time
  • Independence from the system and mental freedom
  • The stones in our wall
  • On the leap to independence
  • The book is published
  • Audio book and first events
  • Christina's life plan reveals itself
  • Synchronicity and new projects
  • Solving the riddle about the rainbow people
  • Organ Donation
  • Closing words (Letter from Christina)
  • About the author

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