„I believe that, with right development, Central Europe can become a beacon for other countries.“
„Because I am human, I learn to understand what it means to change things with love, to live with truth and to think with freedom.“
„The truth of the world today is not to be found outside, but within ourselves“
Christina von Dreien is a 21 year old young woman who is blessed with a multidimensional awareness and other paranormal abilities. She is handling them in an utterly natural way as they are nothing but side effects of her true being. She belongs to a new generation of young, evolutionary thinkers and she stands out for her highest ethics, her obvious wisdom and deep inner peace. Christina is a girl of our time that from her very depth is committed and ready to put her life at the service of a global shift that will lead to a good and constructive outcome.

„The awakening of humanity is happening in various stages. The next step will be the revolution of love. Love is the force within all beautiful, creative and joyful things that makeup our world. In our society, these qualities should be unfolded on a much bigger scale. These are the energies that give life to our planet. In the moment in which all of us will unleash the energy of love, humankind will discover the element of fire a second time. It is up to us now to turn earth into a reflection of heaven. A tiny thread of light is going to develop into a heavenly light. Because we were all born as light and everyone will remember it.“


„I am not in this world to expose or judge the mistakes of others. I simply want to bring back light and peace to the people. Then the unlight will dissolve on its own.“

„In my view, there is only one love. Love is love, and it is boundless, unconditional, without end and without distinction. Love is that which is infinitely present in the universe, a primal substance that is the basis of all that is.“

„Love is the self-organizing intelligence that is always present behind the scenes throughout the universe.“

„The universe is filled with an energy dedicated to immaculate clarity called love. This divine energy controls itself and is able to adapt to counteract what we consider to be negativity. It is capable of aligning itself at all times to the perfect maintenance of its complex symmetrical template.“

„The divine spirit is the origin of all being. It is this consciousness that forms and materializes light energy. Simplified one could say that this wonderful earth originally came into being from a very creative thought.“

„In our innermost core of being we are all equal. No one is further than the other, no light is brighter than the other, and no life task is more important than another. We are all divine beings who have an experience as human beings here, and not human beings who become divine beings.“

„Divine intelligence and sentient consciousness existed long before the creation of the earth. Consciousness is the engine, the driving force of all creation. It created matter, antimatter and countless universes. The planets in our solar system, the stars and even the empty space in between - everything is filled with life and consciousness. Three-dimensional life is universally seen as an exception, not a rule.“

„It is not that the light and the unlight build up each other. Unconditional love has a very high frequency and the Unlight cannot stand that frequency. We can develop the maturity to love unconditionally what does not love us. In this way we give the Unlight the opportunity to transform. Only then, when we meet the Unlight with dark thoughts as well, do we rock it up.“

„Genius is our heritage, free will our power and the insurmountable the toy for our soul.“

„The essence of life feels like love, appears like beauty and sounds like truth.“

„All humans are creator beings, the only limit are they themselves.“

„Basically, there is no goal for us humans to reach, from which we are still far away and towards which we have to move. We do not have to become divine, because we have always been. Everything has been invested in each one of us since eternities. It is only a matter of remembering. Nor should we define what we will remember. Because when we remember completely, we can no longer pronounce it. When we are immersed in this small shining core, we cannot describe this state with words.“